The third book in this list is الملخص الفقهي/A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence by Sheikh Salih Al Fawzan, who is a prominent Shariah scholar and a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Salih Al Fawzan does not really need an introduction or as they say in Arabic:  المعروف لا يعرف.

The book which consists of 2 volumes is based on a famous Hanbali text called: 

الروض المربع في شرح زاد المستقنع 

As mentioned above there are 2 volumes, Volume 1(Worship) & Volume 2 (Transactions, Marriage etc.). While both volumes make for good reading, for the purpose of this particular list, the section on transactions in Volume 2, will give the reader a good introduction to the Islamic law of transactions based on the Hanbali Mathab. The benefit of this book, is that a summary of each topic together with its relevant evidences, is explained without going into too much detail which may confuse a beginner. 

Another benefit of this book, is that it has been quite accurately translated into the English language, so it gives access to those who do not yet know Arabic. However, for one who is competent in Arabic, it is obviously better to refer to the original Arabic text.  

The English version of the book (2012 edition) can be purchased from the following link (Amazon Affiliate Link):