After being away from home/family, studying & working for the most part of the past 18 years, and after an amazing 6 years in Riyadh, I have made the difficult decision of moving back home to focus on some other personal projects and to be closer to family. I will still be travelling back and forth to the Gulf InshaAllah and may eventually move back permanently in the future.

Alhamdulillah during my time abroad, I have been honoured to benefit from some amazing people both academically and professionally. May Allah bless them all. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah, during my most recent role with Albilad Capital as a Senior Shariah Advisor, I had the amazing opportunity to work on pioneering Shariah Compliant Investment products and services together with both business and Shariah Experts, where we brought some very innovative Shariah compliant offerings to the KSA market.

InshaAllah, this year, I will be focusing more on Education & Training through rizqonomics (instagram@rizqonomics/ and some other projects. If you think we could collaborate in this area, please get in touch.

Additionally, inshaAllah, as per the advice of one of my Shariah teachers in KSA who advised me that due to my industry experience I should not only focus on education & training and leave Shariah Advisory/Consultancy, I will still be working as a Shariah Advisor/Consultant to companies in KSA & beyond inshaAllah. If you are looking to collaborate in this area, please get in touch too.

Requesting your duas.

Abu Salih