With lockdown restrictions being eased across the globe, many will soon be returning to their offices Insha Allah. While the lockdown was an unusual experience for us all, I learnt some valuable lessons that I would like to share:

Lesson 1: The importance of keeping in touch

The lockdown taught me the importance of keeping in touch as I was able to reconnect with extended family & friends. Sometimes we get so busy, we forget the importance of relationships. Technology enables us to connect easily these days, so there is no excuse really.

Action Plan: Keep in touch.

Lesson 2: The importance of reading

I enjoy reading but managed to read much more during the lockdown and completed a number of books alhamdulillah. Reading opens the mind and enables one to develop further.

Action Plan: Read more daily.

Lesson 3: The Quran

The lockdown coincided with the month of Ramadan and I believe most of us spent more time reading the Quran, books of tafseer etc. This is a habit that should continue outside of Ramadan and outside of the lockdown.

Action Plan: Don’t let a day pass without revising, reading, pondering over it etc.

Lesson 4: Quality Time

The lockdown enabled many of us to spend more quality time with our spouses & children. Simple acts such as playing games with our children are such a blessing.

Action Plan: Always make more time.

Lesson 5: Gratefulness

The lockdown enabled us to reflect about how much we have been blessed with and how much take for granted.

Action Plan: Always be grateful.

Lesson 6: Giving

Before the lockdown many people in the world were suffering. Unfortunately after the lockdown they and many more will endure more struggles. We should all try to give consistently, even if it is little.

Action Plan: Give more.

Lesson 7: Parents

I left home to go abroad and seek knowledge when I was 19 and have been studying & working for the most part ever since. Before the lockdown was implemented my mum had flown over for Umrah and we got to spend a good amount of time together in Makkah. She is still here in KSA which is a blessing. Many would have had to social distance from their parents during the lockdown, so appreciate them more when things go back to normal.

Action Plan: Enjoy the company of your parents.

Lesson 8: Life is short

With so much death around us, it makes us remember that this life is temporary and that we shouldn’t become too attached to it.

Action Plan: Remember death often and remember our final destination.