The next resource on this list is ‘الدليل الشرعي المختصر لمنتجات أسواق المال’ which was published by Albilad Capital (ABIC), a fully fledged Shariah Compliant investment bank headquartered in Riyadh, KSA. ABIC is a well known player in the investment banking scene within Saudi Arabia and has a strong reputation globally for developing innovative Shariah Compliant investment solutions. 

This resource was produced internally by the Shariah Department at ABIC with the support of senior management. The aim was to produce an introductory level document in order to increase Shariah Awareness of Islamic Financial Markets among investors and other relevant stakeholders as it is an area which is growing, not just within KSA but globally. We intentionally kept this document brief in nature without delving into too many complicated details as this was not the goal that we set out to achieve.

Despite its briefness, the document covers a variety of important topics related to investments such as Shariah contracts and their applications, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Shares, Margin Financing, Investment Funds, Sukuk and Derivatives. This resource was published earlier this year and the 1st edition is available online for free (Arabic) from the ABIC website (link below):   

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