The next book in this list is فقه المعاملات المالية المعاصرة by the renowned Shariah Scholar, Sheikh Saad Al Kathlan who is a former member of the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and currently a Shariah Board member at Al Rajhi Capital. The author is an expert in Fiqh and alhamdulillah I am blessed to have been able to benefit from him on an ongoing basis.

In the introduction to the book, the author mentions that it is important for Students of Knowledge to learn about contemporary issues as this meets the needs of the people in this day and age. This book is good resource for a Student of Knowledge to learn about some of the main contemporary financial matters that people usually ask about such as shares, bonds, funds, currencies, credit cards, deferred sales, pyramid schemes, margin lending, insurance etc

For the purpose of this book, each issue is first discussed ensuring that a clear picture of the issue is given to the reader and then subsequently the views of contemporary Shariah Scholars on the issue are presented along with their relevant evidences, with a focus on the views and resolutions of Contemporary Fiqh Academies and various Shariah boards/Committees. Finally the author, discusses in his view, what is the correct opinion. 

Due to the clear explanations given by the author and the fact that it is an easy read, the book is a good resource in Arabic for anyone wanting to learn about some of the main contemporary financial matters before they advance onto more complicated books. The book can be found online.